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Producer + 1st Assistant Director for commercials, promos, film and episodic based in Los Angeles and New York

Hey mama, I'm Arielle

I help women just like you navigate the film industry so you can thrive on set and in your life

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I think we’ve all had those moments when you threw your hands up, sharpies in the air, earpiece dangling off the back of your shirt and thought “ugh, I’m so done with this!”… only to realize that you can’t actually imagine doing anything else.


I know, it’s addicting, right?

I’ve spent my entire career working alongside women in the exact same boat as you – including myself! It’s hard for others (even our partners) to get why we love working in an industry that asks so much from us, but the truth is that it also gives us the freedom that creative wild-hearted women like ourselves need.

I mean, who else do you know that can go travel for a month because it’s the off season or take as long as they damn well please for maternity leave, amiright?

While I haven’t completely hung up my AD fanny pack (yes, I wear one and it’s awesome), nowadays you’ll mostly find me between yoga classes, video chatting with a badass woman just like you, Rosie grumbling at my feet (no doubt asking me to throw a bone she won’t give up) with the Jazz Vibes playlist on in the background as we co-create and hand pick the right tools out of my sparkly (yet invisible) toolbox. It’s filled with all the knowledge I’ve gained earning my certifications in Health Coaching and teaching Yoga and everything I’ve learned from working on sets, building production companies and working at advertising and talent agencies.

And other days? Well, you might just find me slingin’ schedules, wearing that denim fanny pack, calling “roll camera” on a set near you.


In case you're curious...


This is how I roll

The things I believe in and why I'm doing this work


It’s my mission to support women in film and inspire them to thrive both on set and in their lives, creating a stronger, healthier more sustainable industry for years to come.

I believe in...



Following your Intuition

Embracing your full self


Connection to yourself, loved ones and nature

Guilt-free self care

The personal development journey. Play, create and have fun with it.


Exploring Everything

Collaboration - it's Magic

Honesty & Integrity

We've all got a favorite job.

These are a few of mine. 

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T-Mobile ‘What Britain Loves’: Auckland, New Zealand

Why I loved this job: It was my first job in NZ. Hundreds of extras, stunties throwing themselves down hills, animals in carriages and an entire English village built in the middle of a massive farm. On our biggest day it was cold, it was raining and these poor extras had to be jumping up and down at a festival. Being surrounded by about 100 crew members standing around in raincoats, arms crossed, shivering over hot coffees doesn’t exactly get people in the festival mood, so naturally I wanted to help get them there. Needless to say, I made quite a name for myself (“that energetic American AD chick” to be exact) by being their sideline cheerleader… jumping and dancing along the sidelines every time we called “rolling”. And I have to say… it worked! As foolish as I may have looked, the extras (and other ADs) thanked me for it. I’m pretty sure there’s an AC somewhere that still has the video of me.

Go Army: NC, GA & NY, USA

Why I loved this job: This was my first big travel job and I barely knew what I was doing as a Coordinator, but I figured it out. The entire Production team was made up of amazing women whom I learned so many lessons from, including how to make a hotel room feel like a home. It was a tight knit crew of 14 of us, but the most impactful thing of all was working with the men and women of the US Army. There’s having to change your shoot schedule, and then there’s having to change your shoot schedule because the people you are there to film are being deployed, many for the first time. It was a humbling experience to know that while we were on week three of our shoot, they were in Afghanistan . I was honoured to share their message and to be in places that civilians don’t have access to. Sometimes a job is more than just a job. This was one of those times.

Bank of New Zealand 'Power of a Dollar': Auckland, NZ

Why I loved this job: This was my first big agency campaign at Colenso BBDO. I was in the room with this project from before there was even a creative team involved. Just the strategists and the suits (read: Account Managers). As a Project Manager so I got to flow between wearing a suit hat and wearing a Producer hat. The creative process to me is fascinating and I was a part of this baby from the first client conversations to the final release to broadcast. I loved getting to manage the internal teams, work with multiple vendors from animators to the production company and sound studio and  lend my knowledge of outside production to the agency teams. No matter how many years you’ve been doing this at an agency, there is no real tradeoff for the knowledge you get as the actual executioning produciton team (and vice versa). And let’s be real; The produciton team and the agency team still have walls between them… but my experience and knowledge of how things work on both sides was invaluable to this project.

Looking for more of my on set experience or my professional bio?

I've got you boo. Head on over to My Reel and check it all out. 

Before we wrap this up...

What do you want to jam on together?

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Wish someone was there to keep you on track, even when you’re on a job? Does the thought of having a stable support system that doesn’t take much time get you excited?

Is there a big decision looming over your shoulders? Need some help developing a creative idea? Want to find the right tools to support a healthier lifestyle off set?

Are you totally over feeling like crap after wrap? Wish you had a few simple tips and tricks to help you transition from set life back into real life?