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Producer + 1st Assistant Director for commercials, promos, film and episodic based in Los Angeles and New York
Arielle Zadok Executive Coach for Women in Film and 1st Assistant Director

Coaching for creatives 

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The film industry is oh-so-addicting...

But man does it do a doozy on your life

  • Creating healthy habits only to have them fall completely off track as soon as you book a job
  • Having to constantly choose between jobs, and your personal life
  • Feeling bloated because visiting the crafty table one too many times is the shoot day norm
  • Having everything on your shoulders at home and on the job
  • The paralyzing fear of missing the call four hours ago when you don’t recognize the number
  • Going a bit overbaord at the wrap party… again

 If it’s starting to sound like I’m in your head, it’s because these are all the thoughts that have flowed in and out of my head over my decade of experience working in the film industry.

Arielle Zadok, Executive Coach for Women in Film

I’m Arielle, and it’s my mission to support you in navigating this, and so much more.

Together we’ll work through all the things you can and can’t control so you can wake up three days after wrap without feeling guilty, sluggish or searching for that adrenaline rush. I’ll arm you with the tools you need to feel supported in everything from what to do on the catering line, to which project to say ‘hell yeah’ to and even how to help your partner 'get' this crazy industry we work in.

So turn down your walkie and get back to one… because we’re about to roll, mama!

Arielle Zadok, Executive Coach for Women in Film

Choose your own adventure

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Select from these three ways to turn your goals into reality

Wish someone was there to keep you on track, even when you’re on a job? Does the thought of having a stable support system that doesn’t take much time get you excited?

Is there a big decision looming over your shoulders? Need some help developing a creative idea? Want to find the right tools to support you on and off set?

Are you totally over feeling like crap after wrap? Wish you had a few simple tips and tricks to help you transition from set life back into real life?

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