Are you in the DGA?

Currently I am non - DGA but my sweet spot is working IATSE / SAG shoots with non-DGA Directors. Why am I not DGA? Well, I lived and worked in New Zealand for 4 years and none of those days qualify. I’ve also spent 2 years working as Head of Production and another number of years Coordinating. 520 days is a lot to get to, but 13 years in various roles on and off set makes me more than qualified to run a set on time and on budget - and manage all of the personalities that come along too.


Have you worked with A-List Celebrities?

Yup. Quite a lot of them. I could list them here, but this is more organized (which you know I love).


Can you work locally outside of LA?

I’m a native New Yorker and always looking for a good reason to go home and see my family. I prefer to have my travel paid for, but I’m always open to exploration for the right project, so let’s chat.


 Can you bid a job?

Absolutely. As Head of Production I oversaw all bidding and budgets, so I say bring it on.


What is your day rate?

Well that’s a little personal, isn’t it? Not really, but it’s best to reach out to me directly to discuss any upcoming work you have.


Why should I hire you?

I’ve been a Talent Agent, Agency Producer, Production Coordinator, Head of Production and 1st AD. I also come from a background in acting and study improv at the Second City. I’m also a Certified Holistic Health Coach. And I’m certified in Yoga. My experience ranges from commercials, to film marketing, to start to finish campaigns, live events, cold opens for sports like Monday Night Football and feature films. I’m trained to know how to speak to people in a way that makes them feel supported and gets the best work out of them. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone with my depth of experience along with the ability to read, understand and work with people the way that I can. Don’t believe me? Hire me and you’ll see.  

Do you have a formal resume?

Ask and ye shall receive. Click here for my formal resume, and click here for a list of credits.