Hello beautiful!

I am so excited to go on this exploration with you. Everything on this page is intended to help us create the most beneficial experience possible.

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I want to ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed an in a safe space where you can speak freely and hear me through your phone well, so here are a few tips for you, as well as a questionnaire for you to complete below:

  • Get Cozy - Light some candles or incense, burn some sage, break out your favourite blanket… whatever it takes to get you feeling snuggly and all loved up
  • Choose a quiet room - Life is happening all around us and if you live with other people, life can be noisy! Choose a spot with good reception and little to no interruptions
  • Harness your talismans - If you have any crystals, trinkets, cards, or anything else that helps you feel more energetically connected, feel free to create a little alter around yourself
  • Meditate - If this is something you’re into, then it’s a great way for us to begin. We’ll start off with a bit of breathing together but if a short (or long!) meditation before our session is something you feel inspired to do, set some time with yourself to do just that. 
  • Call in number: At the time of your booking, call me on 401.283.5590 | PIN:06307

Remember this session is all about you and whatever it is that you’d like to talk about and work through. We may be going into some tough places as we explore where you’re feeling stuck so it may be helpful to have tissues around. Our conversation is confidential, and your inner thoughts are sacred and safe with me. 

Most of all, I want you to have fun with this!

Here's a little shot of my setup for our call:

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