Make Your Own Mala Kit

Make Your Own Mala Kit

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Your mala is a sacred, beautiful tool and stringing your own mala is an empowering spiritual and creative practice. 

I've taken the Make Your Own Mala workshop around the world and now I want to bring the experience right into your home.

Each kit comes with traditional mala beads, Rudraksha seeds (or 'Tears of Shiva') at the heart of your mala (see images for examples of malas). You choose your guru (center) bead and accent crystals to make your mala special and meaningful to you. 

Click on the thumbnail to see each stone. 

You'll also receive a "how-to" video taking you through each step of the creation process as well as an eBook explaining the deeper meaning of each stone. 

Want some help stringing your mala?

I hear you girl. That's why I'm happy to string your mala for you. Simply select the option (Kit or Mala) when you checkout. 

Want to know more about making your own mala?

Shoot me an email and let's chat!