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Producer + 1st Assistant Director for commercials, promos, film and episodic based in Los Angeles and New York

It’s 2am, you’re losing sleep (again)

and you still don’t have the answers


The weight of it all is literally on your shoulders and you’re over it. You’re trying to juggle it all, and you’re just barely making it work.

You’re over the sleepless nights.

You’re over making all  the decisions whether you’re at home or at the Produciton Office.

And you’re definitely over juggling it all alone.


What if you could end the struggle of going at this business alone?

and find the confidence, clarity and support to go after the things you really wanted?


A no strings attached way to get the support you need when you need it so you can say goodbye to the sleepless nights, the back and forth decision making, and feeling like there’s no one you can really (and freely) jam on ideas with.

(‘cause let’s be honest, no one knows this crazy business like we do, amiright?)

Say hello to on demand coaching, built to support you with the clarity and tools you need, when you need them.

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Which means you get to spend less time milling over what to do, and more time doing what you love.

We cover things like:

  • Decision making, so you can figure out which option is what you really want.
  • Creative Development, so you can go deeper before you go to pitch
  • Relationships, so you can work through the challenges that come along with being in the business when your loved ones don’t totally get it.
  • Finances, so you can feel confident even when you don’t know when your next job is.
  • Health & Wellness, so you can feel energized and confident (especially when you get to finally wear that little black dress that’s been waiting for your next date night).
  • Business Development, so you have the tools you need to grow your business (or go on vacation without checking your emails every two hours)
  • Feeling stuck, because sometimes you know you’re stuck, you just don’t know what you’re stuck on (and that’s where I come in)

PLUS, you’ll also get instant access to:

  • One week of email access after each and every session 
  • The Production Boss Babes private Facebook community to connect and keep accountable with other women in production just like you
  • Special rates on accountability packages so you can stay focused on your goals even when you’re on a job

So how does it all work?

DSC02843 copy.JPG


You snag a date and time from my calendar that works with your schedule. No contracts, no strings attached. Just two iCals syncing up.


I send you a workbook to help you get real with yo self. It’ll be chock full of questions to help you understand where and why you’re feeling stuck. 


It’s time for our session! We’ll spend our time laser focused on where you need support so you can leave with clarity and confidence to keep moving forward.


So what's the investment?

Well, you can keep talking to your friends and family who don’t totally get why you’re even in this business, or you can save yourself some time (and restless nights on Google) by choosing one of these:

Clarity Session: 90 minutes - $225

Perfect when you just need a bit of clarity, need to get unstuck or want to talk something through. We’ll focus on getting to the heart of the matter so you can feel confident in taking your next steps.


Strategy Session: 3 hours - $450

Everything we work through in the clarity session plus the strategy on how to move forward (and the tools to help you along the way).


VIP Intensive: 6 hours - $1000

Think of this as your own personal, tailor made mini-retreat. An entire day in person with me meant to give you clarity, ease, balance and strategy. We start our day with a little self care and relaxation (think: yoga, meditation, journaling or maybe just a luxurious morning by the pool, we’ll see what’s right for you), then we work through everything in the clarity and strategy sessions so you leave with the tools you need to confidently go after what you really want.


Oh, and there’s a little VIP bonus too:

All VIP Intensive clients get 3 months of the Accountability Texting Package (Valued at $350) to help you stay on your game in the months following our session.

(Because the last thing you want after a day of total self care and ultimate planning, is to go right back to where you started).

Frequently Asked Questions


How much notice do I need to book my session?

There is a 48 hour minimum notice for all On Demand coaching. That being said, some days I can hop on a call within hours of your request, other times I may be booked out for a week. I will always accommodate your needs as best as possible. 

Can we talk about stuff that’s not production related?

Of course! The beauty of working with an Executive Coach (who happens to be a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Yoga teacher) is that we can talk about anything that’s on your mind. I’m here to serve you as a whole, and that goes well beyond the film industry.

 What if I want more than one session?

You can book a session anytime you need support, but if you’re looking for something a bit more on-going, the Back To One program might be best for you. You can learn all about that here.   

Do I have to use my 3 or 6 hour session in one sitting?

Nope! It's totally up to you how you'd like to use your hours, however unless you've signed up for the Back to One program, all sessions must be within one week of your last one. Together we'll figure out a plan that works best for your needs.

Do you work with people outside of LA?

Absolutely! No matter where you are in the world, Skype can bring us together. (I know that sounds like an ad, but I’m just keepin’ it real!)

Will you come to me?

If you're in LA and we book a session three hour or longer, we're going to meet in a super lush location and we can discuss options that are closer to your home if need be. Outside of LA? Also no problem! I love to travel and I’d love to come to you! I reserve this for Retreat sessions and all expenses must be paid, email me here to let me know what you’re thinking.

What is your cancellation policy?

VIP sessions require 48 hour cancellation notice and may forfeit any costs associated to booking your session (i.e - hotels, resorts, etc. that required deposits or payments). All other bookings must be cancelled within 24 hours. You will have 1 month to use your session (this will help you take action - if you are on a shoot, we can set a new expiration date). All cancellations without proper notice may not be rescheduled and fees will be forfeited.

Do you work with men too?

I sure do! While my mission may be focused around supporting women in film, I know that men struggle with a lot of these same issues and I'm truly here to create a better industry for all of us. So go on, fill out your application buddy!

Do you have any free resources I can start with right now?

I sure do! It's my Free Guide "From Set Life to Real Life; 5 ways to a smooth transition so you don't have to feel like crap after wrap" and you can snag that bad boy (or girl) right here