Hello friend!

I’m so excited to have you on the podcast!! The intention behind the show is to talk to creatives like you and explore your path with all of the weird and wonderful twists and turns that got you where you are today. While we will be talking about some of your path’s highlights, the heart of this show is in exploring the darker moments where you had doubts, made a mistake or weren’t sure you’d ever be able to life the life you live today (don’t worry, I’ll be sharing too - this is a conversation more than an interview). This is about sharing the stuff we tend to shy away from so that those who may be in a place of doubt can connect with and be inspired by your story.

Some quick questions to keep things rolling…

Name *
Unless you are in Los Angeles, our conversation will be over Skype. Don't have Skype? No problem. You can sign up for free at www.skype.com or I can call you.
You'll have the chance to share this on the show as well but this insures no typos on my part!
This will give me ideas on things to ask you about your journey and things that happened along the way that aren't necessarily highlights or low points.
Feel free to make this as long or short as you'd like. You can also make this a cliffs notes version of your story - it saves us time and gives me things to "cut to"
This can be a bad decision, a weird job you had, a point where you thought you would never get to do the thing you wanted to do - this will help me open up the conversation if it's not already happening.
We can absolutely edit things out, but if there's a certain topic you want me to steer clear of, it's always better to know up front (because sometimes it does come up when we don't mean for it to).
I'm a pretty good cyber-stalker but this will save me some time!

How to prepare for the call…

  • Make sure you’ve got your earbuds ready so I can record your lovely voice loud and clear

  • Get cozy in a quiet room - smaller rooms with carpeting are best for audio

  • We’ll be on Skype video but I’ll only be sharing audio so PJ interviews are totally legit. It’s just nicer when we can see each other.

  • Got a question? Email me here.