Saying a prayer just isn't enough

There is a lot going on in the world right now - a lot. It’s both shocking and emotionally overwhelming, no matter the cause. And the truth is, posting about sending love, prayers and energy is nice, but it doesn’t do shit. So I’m calling us all out on it. Because I’m mad AF and I’m sick of all the touchy feely bullshit that does nothing to create change.

Feeling bad about something isn't enough.

Taken at the Women's March in St. Petersburg, FL

Taken at the Women's March in St. Petersburg, FL

Saying a prayer is reactive, and it sure as hell doesn’t save lives.  We can post all the beautiful heart memes we want but until we are willing act on what we believe, it means nothing. It does nothing.

Now, I’m not saying we shouldn’t pray, mourn, connect and love. We need those things in the world. We need to give ourselves the space to feel what we feel and process the unthinkable. These processes and reactions create community, support, empathy and connection across all boundaries. But it just isn’t enough.

If you're hurting right now, then it's time to act.

Here are 4 simple things you can do right now that actually can make a difference.

Donate: Money, blood, food, and clothing. These are the things people need after a natural disasters especially, but it’s not the only time. This is a habit we need to cultivate on a regular basis because homelessness exists, poverty exists, natural disasters happen.

Volunteer: Whether it’s cleaning up after a natural disaster, using your skills (whatever they may be) to support a local organization that you believe in, or working with a representative who is fighting for what you believe in. Everyone has time for the things they really want to give it to. And if you don’t, see above.

Get Involved: Get on the phones with your representatives. Go to town meetings. VOTE. Look, I am all about the right to bear arms, but automatic weapons are LITERALLY weapons of mass destruction and I believe that under no circumstances does a civilian need access to this. Which means I am calling every person who makes decisions on my behalf and telling them what I want. People will do what they will do and where there’s a will, there’s a way but I see no reason to make that easier and I cannot justify any ole Joe Schmoe having a weapon of mass destruction within days. It will take a good 50 years of a policy in place to create the change I want to see, but it doesn’t mean I won’t ask for it. I have a voice. I’m going to use it. You can too (whether you agree with me or not, this is your right and privilege).

Advocate: For mental health, for domestic violence, for social justice, for animal rights – advocate for what you believe in. It’s clear we have a lot of problems in this world and without people communicating and supporting what we believe in (in a healthy way), we cannot make change. Talk to your family, talk to your friends; engage in healthy conversation about the things that are wrong, and find things you can do to fix them. Find a cause and fight for it, talk about it, teach about it – do something.

Taken at the Women's March in St. Petersburg, FL

Taken at the Women's March in St. Petersburg, FL

Working in personal development things can get really frilly and fluffy and woo-woo, but that’s just not how the world works. There’s a time to be dreamy, and there’s a time to get shit done, both in business, and in life.  We, as a global community, have to step up to the plate. We have to do what we are each capable of doing because it all matters. All of it. I promise you.



But posting a meme just isn't enough.

If this post bothered you, good. That means it struck a chord and it created an emotional reaction and guess what – emotion leads to motion. You have power and capabilities to do great things by taking the smallest of steps. Think what $20 can do to a starving family, or what your old winter coat means to a homeless teenager, or what recognizing the early signs of mental instability can do to shape the future of not only that person, but everyone in their lives.

No act is too small, but doing nothing is. Together we can create a better world than what we see now.

Yours in love, light and taking action,


What do you believe in? What is one small thing you can do to create change for that? Share in the comments below, you may just inspire someone else to do the same.

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