I see you fear, and I'm comin' for ya!

Taking leaps is scary. Going after something you want so badly you can't imagine yourself actually getting it is terrifying. 

Going outside your comfort zone sucks.

Even still, there's a lot to be said about stretching yourself that far, about seeing the storm ahead, putting on your raincoat, and riding it out. 

Now, I'm not talking about putting yourself in danger here, that's ridiculous and I don't want you getting hurt! I'm talking about putting yourself to the test. 

Because it's outside of your comfort zone that the magic happens.

Yesterday I did something that scared me. It's something that I'd thought about for years now, something I'd even began working towards in the past, but something that was always just out of reach.

It was time, it was money, it was my body not being ready. It was always an excuse, even though it was always something I wanted to do. 

Until I decided to do it.

It is getting my Yoga Teacher Certification.

Now, I'm a yogi, but not a 'good' one. I've never been consistent a day in my life, and the only thing I feel like I've really committed to was breathing - and even that's involuntary to be fair. So anytime I'd thought about going into training I told myself "you're not ready" or "your body isn't strong enough" or "you have to go to yoga at least twice a week for a year before you do this". 

And we all know that's bullshit. 

I may work with limiting beliefs, but let's not fool anyone here - I have them too, and working through limiting beliefs is a daily practice. That's why when I made the decision that this was the time and this is the class... it scared me!

Despite the heavy breathing, the rapid heart beat, the questions and calculations and excuses... 

I took a step in the direction of something I wanted. 

Of course once it was done (as in, once I put down my deposit, grabbed my schedule and said YES to myself), I wanted to scream it from the rooftops. I'm fortunate that I have people in my life who love me and support me and who won't let me get away with bullshitting myself. 

The truth is, this was a scary step, yes, but scary in the way that I know this will change me. I wasn't afraid when I embarked on my journey as a Holistic Health Coach, mainly because I had no idea how a program could change my life.

This time I know, and I'm ready.

So take it from me, everyone get's scared to do big things, especially when you know it'll change you. The question isn't what are you afraid of, but instead, are you going to let that fear hold you back from going for the things you want?

I know my answer.