Lessons from your morning croissant

Can I just be honest and say how much I wish I could have a croissant every morning? I mean I could, but my body wouldn't like it. I digress...

Whether your morning meal is a croissant, a fruit parfait or a cliff bar on the go, you can do this practice. 

Practice Presence Through Food.

Eating is possibly one of the most mindless things we do, yet it has the potential to teach us so much about presence, mindfulness and connection to our senses.

Here's your challenge if you choose to accept it:

The next time you eat, be there completely. Be with your body, with the sensations of the food, with the action you are doing. Embrace the colours, indulge in the smells, see if you can taste the different ingredients. Close your eyes and see what it feels like to chew your food, notice what happens in your body with each bite. 

Be with your experience of eating. 

Not only will this teach you what it feels like to be present in the moment, but this gives your body the time it needs to do it's job. To release the enzymes required for digestion, and to tell your brain when you're actually full (as opposed to when it finally does catch up and you're just 'ugh'). 

I'd love to know about your experience! What came up for you? How was this exercise? What did you eat? Leave a comment below!

Keep moving in the direction of your dreams,