How to leave attachments behind (so bad haircuts don't ruin your day)

Have you ever cried over a haircut knowing it was totally ridiculous that you were crying about something like that? Yeah, me too. In fact, that's exactly what happened to me last week.

Now, in my old life I'd just cry it out and accept how I felt and moved on with it. But that wouldn't really serve either of us now would it? (nope) Instead, I chose to dig and I asked myself; Arielle, babe, what's really going on here? It is a haircut gone too short...

... or is it what the hair represents that's really upsetting me?

Of course it wasn't the hair! Sometimes (ok most times) what’s on the surface isn’t really what’s going on. Sometimes we feel angry, upset, anxious or let down and it has nothing to do with what we think it has to do with. This is what attachment looks like, and it creeps up on us. It hides in the shadows until something comes up that shines a light on it. Like a haircut.

That's why I'm talking all about non-attachment in the video below.


In this video:

  • 3:18 - The obvious and not so obvious ways attachment shows up
  • 3:52 - Real life example: when you've got a bit too much time off between jobs
  • 5:39 - Real life example: transitioning from woman to mom
  • 7:43 - The ancient yogi and his teenage son (a story of attachment)
  • 10:31 - How to find where attachment is showing up for YOU
  • 10:58 - How to identify what this attachment is costing you
  • 12:32 - How to move past your attachment 
  • 14:37 - RECAP here are the 3 steps you need to know

So now I want to know...

What's the biggest takeaway for you right now and why?

Keep moving in the direction of your dreams. Your story, your voice, and your creativity is needed in this world!