4 Super bowl Commercials you didn't want to miss

Out of the 46 humans who directed Super Bowl Ads, 4 of them were female. Yes, 4. If you're left shaking your head right now because that's kind of a ridiculous number, then welcome to the conversation. 

On average, Female Directors make up approximately 7% of the films we see on a regular basis, and Super Bowl advertising is no different. 

With an audience made up of 49% women, we're left wondering why Super Bowl advertising is still dominated by male creators and male driven creative. 

While we definitely need to keep raising awareness by pointing out this B.S over and over and over again (because that's the only way we'll close the gap), I'm not here to have that conversation. Instead, I'm here to share and highlight the beautiful work by 4 talented women who DID produce some stellar work that the world was watching. 

Shout out to Free The Bid for sharing this list in real time on their Twitter feed. This is not an easy thing to research ya'll so let's keep up the sharing through every medium we can.

When women in film are supported both on set and in their lives, we will build a stronger industry and world for years to come. 

Keep it up, ladies. 

(In order of appearance)

Aoife McArdle | Toyota "Good Odds"

Not only is this a beautiful inspiring spot (with ALL the feels), but according to AdWeek it's also Toyota's "biggest Super Bowl push to date". 

You can follow Aoife's work here

Dayton / Faris | eTrade "This is getting old"

This one had me rolling so when I saw that it was directed by Husband and Wife duo Valerie Faris & Jonathan Dayton (Battle of the Sexes, Little Miss Sunshine, Ruby Sparks) my heart swelled with joy. Not only because I'm always rooting for my fellow Production Boss Babes, but I've got a special place in my heart for families that work together.  

You can read AdWeek's take here

Agency: Mullen Lowe

Hanna Maria Heidrich Pepsi "This is the Pepsi"

Hanna held our hands and took us on a walk down memory lane... and this one pulled out all the stops - and celebs. Was anyone else feeling super nostalgic watching this? 

Read AdAge's recap here and check out more of Hannah's work here

Agency: Creators League (Pepsi's in-house agency)

Alma Har'el | Coca-Cola "The Wonder of US"

While there's not exactly a coke for me (sorry man, I'm just not down with the chemicals and such) this piece is yet another beautiful inspiring (diverse) creation, this time by Alma Har'el. I can't help but love the message behind this one which celebrates the uniqueness in all of us. 

AdWeek sat down with Alma to chat about this spot. Check that out here

Alma is also the visionary and creator behind Free The Bid ,  "a 501c3 non-profit initiative advocating on behalf of women directors for equal opportunities to bid on commercial jobs in the global advertising industry". 

Got a favorite spot?

You know I want to know so leave a comment below! 

Photo Credit: Free The Bid article on Hanna Maria Heidrich's #YouShall holiday campaign for Debenham's department stores in the UK... which was gorgeous by the way.