4 Ways You're Killing Your Creative Vibe

It’s no surprise that we are living in a time and space where were are a little too plugged in. Everywhere you look people are on their phones and on their computers. Like you, reading this, right now. But don’t shut ‘er down just yet.

Let’s explore the 4 ways that being plugged in is killing your creative vibe (so we can help move you towards getting that mojo back along with a little peace and maybe even some inspiration).

The Unplugged Creative Group Coaching Program starts June 4th!

The Unplugged Creative Group Coaching Program starts June 4th!

1) All the messages all the time.

As much as we might think we can multitask, we can’t. So all of those pings from email, Facebook and Instagram are stopping you from being in flow and causing your brain to have to reset and get back to where it was. Which generally takes about 20 minutes. If you’re allowing notifications to come through while you’re working on creative projects, not only is it going to take you longer, it’s holding you back from doing your best work.

2) That bedtime scroll.

Picture this: You’ve washed your face, brushed your teeth and maybe even gotten a little bedtime stretch in. You crawl into bed, the last moments of your day, and you go to set your alarm. And them sooooomehow you wind up on Facebook. And then Instagram. And then back on Facebook. You thought you were getting to bed early but miraculously it’s 20 minutes later. You finally put the phone down, but you can’t quite fall asleep… at least not as hard as you’d like to. Your brain has been stimulated and though your body might be sleeping you’re not getting your full rest – mind or body. That means that you’re not functioning at your best and you’re not able to access your best creative work. Better rest means better flow.

3) Tackling the admin stuff first.

First of all, you don’t even like to do it, so there’s that. Second of all the way you start your day impacts the rest of it. When you start off with all the boring admin stuff you’re using energy that is better spent on your creative projects. Most of the admin you think is going to take you 5 minutes winds up taking you 2 hours and then it’s time for lunch, and then you’re in the afternoon slump. Next thing you know it’s 2pm, you’re kinda laggy and it’s time to get to your creative work. Your minds best mojo has been used on writing back to Jackie about a client meeting instead of doing the very work you need to be presenting.

4) Checking social media before diving in to your own creative work.

Everything we see and read affects our emotions. While you may think that you’re looking for inspiration on your insta feed what you might actually be doing is causing negative emotions and comparison-itis to pop up. Even if you’re reading about your friend’s new baby on Facebook before diving into your creative work your mind has been altered and affected. The more we can dive into projects without seeing what the world is up to first, the more we are able to tap into our own creativity in it’s purest, unaffected forms. Without negative emotions from others, without comparison, without accidentally using someone else’s creative ideas without realizing it (because yes, that’s a thing, and you know you’re better than that).


Look, we live in a world where being plugged in is a must, but it doesn’t mean it has to run our lives. We can find ways to unplug and get the best out of ourselves and out of our day. The thought of unplugging can be scary but when taken in tiny steps, it’s actually a smooth transition.


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Now I want to know… what are some of the ways you can start to unplug and get that creative vibe flowing? Leave a comment below!