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4 Ways You're Killing Your Creative Vibe

It’s no surprise that we are living in a time and space where were are a little too plugged in. Everywhere you look people are on their phones and on their computers. Like you, reading this, right now. But don’t shut ‘er down just yet.


Let’s explore the 4 ways that being plugged in is killing your creative vibe

and help move you towards getting that mojo back along with a little peace and maybe even some inspiration.

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3 ways to make your New Year's resolution a reality

It’s that time of year once again. The time we all say how much this passed year sucked and how ah-ma-zing this next year will be. Helloooo expectations!

I mean, we all know how this plays out by now, right?

We proclaim huge goals whether they be physical, financial, career oriented - whatever. We state them loud and clear to the world. Jan 1-8 we are ROCKING AND ROLLING. Then… Life. A job. A weekend away.

Things happen and 3 months down the road we’re left with nothing but that glimmer of an idea we once had to be better, to do more, to be more.

Instead of having that dream life we created for ourselves on Dec. 31, we’re left with the guilt of letting it go and many times the shame that comes along with telling everyone we know how we’re going to xyz in [insert year here].

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The 52 year old who taught us the true power of our mind

For anyone who thinks "it's too late" I want you to take a good look at the life of Louise Hay, who we lost at 90 years old on August 30th. 

Even if you think you're not familiar with Louis' work, I'll bet you actually are and you don't even know it.

Ever hear of positive affirmations? Yup, that was Louise. 

How about healing your body with your mind? Yup, that was her too. 

You know the theories on your thoughts becoming your reality? Yup, that was literally her jam (and her bread and butter too)

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5 simple steps to creating goals that actually work

If you're into Mel Brooks or even Steve Carrell you might be giggling right now thinking of the ridiculous nature of a spy who is socially awkward and ill equipped. Go on, have a giggle...

Ok now onto the real story here...

Last week we talked about the different between intentions and goals. If you missed that post, read that first

When we set intentions it's really easy to think of something that is just beyond our reach. We think of the things we want, but we don't really give much time or energy into what it will take to get there. 

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