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4 Super bowl Commercials you didn't want to miss

Out of the 46 humans who directed Super Bowl Ads, 4 of them were female. Yes. 4. If you're left shaking your head right now because that's kind of a ridiculous number, then welcome to the conversation. 

On average, Female Directors make up approximately 7% of the films we see on a regular basis, and the Super Bowl is no different. 

With an audience made up of 49% women, we're left wondering why Super Bowl advertising is still dominated by male creators and male driven creative. 

But truth be told, I'm not here to have that conversation right now (though let's keep raising awareness by pointing this bs out over and over and over again because that's the only way we'll close this gap). Instead, I'm here to share and highlight the beautiful work by 4 women who DID produce some stellar work that the world was watching. 

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