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Arielle is a versatile and savvy Producer who brings infectious positive energy, a confident plan of action, and instant approachability that improves team morale. Having worked on award-winning projects worldwide, she expertly anticipates challenges before they arise and consistently course corrects to ensure projects remain on time and on budget. Arielle shines when working with creatives, crew members, and High Profile talent thanks to an innate ability to build authentic connections and facilitate introductions. She’s worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, including ESPN, Starz, Netflix, Dunkin' Donuts, Jennifer Lopez, Amy Schumer, Hank Williams Jr., Kevin Smith, Faith Hill and Eli Manning to name a few. With experience spanning every vantage point of the production process, she is uniquely gifted with broad perspective and remarkably attuned to the smallest details to provide resourceful solutions. 

Arielle grew up on the stage and went on to complete a BA in Mass Communication with a minor in Theatre. She gravitates to all aspects of physical production and has been motivated to dive in and learn from every situation she has been afforded. Her sound intuition and willingness to take risks has helped her navigate unknown situations. Her extensive experience ranges from Head of Production to Assistant Director, Talent Agent and Agency Producer, and she is eager to contribute on the set of episodic, comedic, and network branded productions. 

When she’s not slinging schedules and calling action you can find her interviewing creatives from around the world about their path to creativity for her podcast "The Unplugged Creative", Producing and co-Hosting a bi-weekly improv jam at the Second City Hollywood or kickin’ it with her pup Rosie.

Areas of Expertise and Interest: 
Budget Management, Staff Management, Recruitment, Hiring, Benefits, Scheduling, Vendor Negotiation, Contract Negotiation, Research, Social Media Management, Pre-Production, Post-Production, Physical Production, Operations Management, Logistics, Project Management